Dial with TAPICall with a click of the mouse and see on the PC who is calling - or whoever types phone numbers from the PC into the phone every day lives in the past!

You continue to use your previous telephone. TAPICall does not care if you use an ISDN, VoIP or even a mobile connection (only with Android), you only need one TAPI driver and TAPICall and you never have to type a phone number from the PC screen again, and you'll be perfectly set up for each phone call by displaying all the data and conversation notes.

Important note on Office 2019/ 2021 / 365 – 64-Bit:
For Office 2019/2021 and Office 365-Installation (Outlook) you must select the installation type "32-Bit“ and, if necessary, uninstall Office 64-Bit beforehand so that you can use TAPICall: Log in to www.office.com and select "More installation options“, "Show apps and devices“ then the 32-Bit version and then "Install“. More details with video ...

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Free trial period

Try the TAPICall full version for 30 days without any restrictions!

Try TAPICall free and without obligation for 30 days

Service-oriented communication

Already at the first ringing, the TAPICall software uses the transmitted or dialed telephone number to provide all contact data, call notes, appointments and linked documents to the call partner on the screen. The TAPICall user is perfectly informed and can optimally respond to the needs of the other party. If the phone number does not exist in the Outlook Contacts, a complete contact (with address, e-mail, website, etc.) is automatically created within one second from the connected online directories. Your contact database is constantly growing, typing errors are excluded!

Company-wide transparency

Even public contacts ( when using an Exchange server, any Exchange online service, Google contacts, iCloud or e.g. Office365 with shared contact folders ) open automatically with TAPICall based on the phone number. In this way, conversation notes entered by an employee can be viewed and supplemented by all authorized employees. The database with relevant customer information is thus always up to date. TAPICall notes all calls in the Outlook Journal. The call list informs the user about who has tried to call in his absence. He can view new notes and call back if necessary with a mouse click.

Improved communication processes

The calls of your employees become more efficient and you avoid unnecessary callbacks. Inquiries from colleagues interrupt their work. If the respective contact person is not in the house at the moment, the reaction times are often considerably longer. A call that your employee is not optimally prepared for can quickly drain 10 minutes of valuable work time. Your investment in TAPICall has already paid off after a few days.

INSIGHT already at the first RING

The powerful UC / CTI / CRM application for only 3, - € / month.

  • Immediately see who is calling, including all conversation notes
  • For new numbers free search in online phonebook
  • Dial by hotkey from any Windows application
  • E-mail for missed calls
  • Power search for call preparation
  • Call reminders
  • Simple setup without server


The excellent CTI software:

do you know her joy something again Find?

We have cracked one of the toughest nuts for you!

  • Search for companies
  • Search for contacts with certain positions
  • Reverse search with telephone numbers
  • Search for e-mail addresses
  • Recent contacts are automatically up
  • Phonebooks fully integrated into Office

Become SHE and your company to real Telephoning PROFESSIONALS.

With TAPICall, the professional software that comes out of your phone and
Make your Outlook contacts a real call center.

  • Contact data display on every call
  • Cross-employee call logs when using a
    Exchange server
  • Support for MS Office 365 and Business Contact Manager
  • Dialing feature from any Windows application
  • Journal entries with time measurement for every call
  • Calling the call list remotely with any smartphone
  • Call preparation, planning, reminder and much more

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