A few highlights

  • On every call automatic reverse search for the phone number and display of existing Outlook contacts with previous call notes
  • If there is no suitable contact, instant creation complete Outlook contacts via automatic reverse search in daily updated online directories
  • Dialing function off every Windows application and websites
  • intelligent Power Search for call preparation in Outlook contacts or online directories (eg by first name, name, company or city)
  • Clear planning and reminder function for calls
  • Call list with many convenience features
  • Free Exchange Server integration to the cross-employee use of the valuable discussion notes
  • Can be used with almost all telephone systems and TAPI telephones.
Reverse search off The local

Google Search link

TAPICall is designed to give you the maximum benefit. The automatically created Google Search link usually takes you directly to the right website. So you can be fast take a picture of your conversation partner. Often you will also learn the company size and the main area of activity of the company. And all this during the first phone contact.

Exchange Server Supports

During the call, you can supplement information and conversation notes and appoint appointments. This information will then be available to you at any time. With our free integrated Exchange Server / Office 365 support even employees across!

Call center functionality

With TAPICall, you can set up a unified system for handling call memos for little money in your organization. You and your staff will love it, as it is in the known Outlook system is implemented and therefore does not need to be re-learned.

Map / aerial view

TAPICall puts you at each automatically created contact a link to the map / aerial view. With a mouse click the corresponding window opens.

FRITZ! Box connection

The TAPI driver for the FRITZ! Box was discontinued in 2016 by AVM. Thanks to our own FRITZ! Box connectionbut you can continue to build up conversations and evaluate incoming calls.

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