License management

TAPICall for Outlook and Exchange | The license administration

TAPICall4 runs in a dynamic license model. You can dynamically transfer your licenses from one PC to another via an online- license manager at any time and thus always retain full control over your licenses. The licenses have a useful life of two years. The period begins after a computer has been assigned, so you only pay for what you actually use. All updates / upgrades are included in the price of the license. You always have the right to the latest version for free. After the expiry, an extension for a further two years costs only 70% of the original price.

Licenses are per PC, not per user. So if you have several user accounts on one PC, one license is sufficient. With a terminal server, one license is required per session.

activation process

Click on the respective PC on the [Hook Symbol] and then up [Activation] and then on the button [Online License Management], Log in with your access data and click on [to Customer Center / License Manager]. Assign an invoice to the PC or transfer a license from another PC. The next time TAPICall ( is started, the PC is automatically activated.

License expired

If TAPICall displays the license status as expired, even though it has been activated, this may be due to the following reasons:

  1. Check that your license is still valid. The validity of your licenses can best be checked in the online-License Manager. If your license has expired, you can purchase an extension for 2 years in the shop.
  2. Check if TAPICall can connect to the internet. Enter the settings by clicking on the [Hook Icon] and then up [Settings] Click and go to the point here [Internet Connection]. If necessary, enter the data of your proxy server here and test whether TAPICall connects correctly to the Internet. Check the settings of your firewall if TAPICall cannot connect.
  3. The license of the computer has not yet been recalled. Go to the TAPICall settings, click on the item [Activation], click on the button there [To update].
  4. If the name of the computer ( has been changed in the system properties ), the license must be reassigned. Click on that [Hook Symbol], on [Activation] and then up [Online License Management], After entering the access data, click [to Customer Center / License Manager] and transfer the license.
  5. Your license has not yet been activated, which can be recognized by the yellow smiley in the license manager. The license is activated as soon as we have received the invoice amount.
  6. You do not have write permission for the following directory with your user account:
    Windows XP: C: \ Documents and Settings \ All Users \ Application Data \ TAPICall
    Windows Vista and higher: C:\ProgramData\TAPICall
    Log in as a local administrator and set up full permissions for the specified directory for normal users.