Installation service

We actually provide all the information you need to achieve a sense of achievement on this website. Nevertheless, it can be economical, depending on how you evaluate your own working hours Not kneeling in yourself: We have been setting up TAPI- drivers, configuring telephone systems remotely and integrating TAPI- applications for 19 years. If necessary, simply treat yourself to perfect remote maintenance, without any risk. We only charge for remote maintenance if it is successful!

Costs : 120 € / hour in 6-minutes- cycle.
Costs : 12.- € / 6 minutes

Due to our expertise, most remote maintenance is successfully completed after a few units. We offer this service not only for our own CTI- software TAPICall. For any TAPI- compatible software such as Haufe PowerHaus, telmarkt or e.g. Cobra you can use this service at +49 6422 89800-50 to use. Please be sure to call ours before you call remote maintenance on!

We try to offer all standard support cases as tutorials on this page and on YouTube. Of course, we can't buy every telephone- system or telephone and would like to record support cases via Screen-video with audio. If you agree to record your support case with complete setup including remote maintenance, it's free. We still need :
– Agfeo AS- plant
– Agfeo ES- plant
– Auerswald LAN-TAPI
– Auerswald USB-TAPI (alte COMfortel)
– Bintec / Elmeg / digitization box: Elmeg-LAN-TAPI
– Bintec / Elmeg / digitization box: Elmeg- USB-TAPI (CS410)
– FRITZ!Box connection ( without TAPI)
– IP-SoftPhone (CONVERGIT)
– Mitel, Avaya, DeTeWE
– Phonesuite TAPI for Snom
– uaCSTA (CONVERGIT: Snom and Yealink)
– Unify / Siemens / Telekom CallBridge TU (USB)
– Unify / Siemens / Telekom CallBridge TA (serial)
– Unify / Siemens / Telekom CallBridge IP (RNDIS 60T/ 80T and real IP-Telfone)
– Unify / Siemens / Telekom TAPI 120