CONVERGIT GmbH launched the product TAPICall in 2003, since then sold many thousands of licenses and countless well-known customers won. Of course, there were already manufacturers of CTI software for Outlook. Our goal has always been to be better. Today, we are one of the market leaders and we are in many ways much better than the competition.

The software "TAPICall“

A principle for the development of TAPICall was from day one: "TAPICall should serve the user and this should not learn by training how to serve TAPICall." This has succeeded with flying colors. Unique to TAPICall is the consistent customer-oriented development. The free Exchange server integration (without having to install anything on the server and guaranteed at no extra cost), the orientation towards common workflows and the integration of several online directories has made TAPICall the unique contact management tool. about 300 specialist dealers speak for themselves. It is noteworthy that anyone can install TAPICall without touching the PBX programming.

Why “Outlook“?

For only 40.00 € per year, TAPICall turns your Outlook into a contact center with call center- functions. Outlook is used in most companies and (E-Mail-) addresses and contact details are maintained there. Outlook is the E-Mail- communication center, what could be more natural than to make it the Tele- communication center! For example, you can look forward to automatically created contacts - only when someone calls you. Enjoy the automatic number correction, the quick contact search and the many other features, such as speed dials, that TAPICall offers you. All functions have been developed to make your day-to-day work much easier. Please see our product video Then you know what we mean!

Trust us! Call us if you have any questions. Good accessibility, very good support and our promise to take customer wishes seriously have made us what we are. We will never change that. Promised!

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