TAPICall product video

TAPICall turns your Outlook into a powerful telephony- application!

  • Automatic with every call reverse search (the local uvm.) After the telephone number and display of existing Outlook contacts with recent call notes
  • If no suitable contact is available, complete Outlook contacts are created immediately via the automatic reverse search in up-to-date online telephone books
  • Dialer from any Windows application and web pages (Hotkey: F8)
  • Intelligent power search for call preparation in Outlook contacts or online directories (eg by first name, name, company or city)
  • Clear planning and reminder function for calls
  • Call list with many convenience features
  • Free Exchange Server integration (Hosts Exchange, Exchange, iCloud, Google Contacts, Office 365) for cross-employee use of the valuable conversation notes
  • Can be used with ISDN or VoIP (AllIP). Requirement: TAPI-enabled phone, Telephone system, ISDN- card, Softphone or FRITZ!