Set up speed dials in TAPICall

You know shortcut keys from system phones: There you press on it and it is chosen immediately. This is also possible with TAPICall. If you have phone numbers that you dial regularly, you can use the speed dial menu to save time. The creation of a speed dial is made quickly.

By default, the speed dial - menu is called up with [STRG] + [2]. You can adjust this in the settings under “Keyboard shortcuts“.

How do I create speed dials?

You can add a phone number to your speed dials using the search ([F8] = Default)

or you open the abbreviated dialing- window with [STRG] + [2]: Now click on [ Create new abbreviated dialing] and choose between "Normal internal or external number“," Search term“ or "Direct dial / system command“.

and choose between "Normal internal or external number“," Search term“ or "Direct dial / system command“.

Normal internal or external phone number

Under Destination number, enter the number you would also type on the phone or an internal or external number.
If you are from one internal Call to pick up calls, select the item [Pickup].
To transfer calls to this number, select [Transfer]. Of course you can also select both points at the same time, but your TAPI driver must support these features.

search term

Typically, you can search for name and number fragments in the F8 or Call Prep windows. In order not to have to enter the same thing every time, you can save the search words or numbers as a speed dial. Example: For the company Handel OHG you have a contact from all employees. Now you want to call an employee of this company, press the speed dial key and get all search terms displayed.

Direct dial / plant command

To create a system command, you must enter the code of your telephone system as the destination number. Some system commands require two digits, one to turn on and off. For some telephone systems, the [hang up] key must still be moved after the system is started.
For example, to turn on call waiting, call * 551 on AGFEO equipment, but * 550 on power off.

How do I change my speed dial buttons?

Click [Edit Shortcuts].
Now you can edit or delete the speed dial buttons as you like 

How do I use the "Transfer“" and "Pickup“" functions?

To pick up, press the [Pick up] button, but this will only work if the ringing extension has not picked up.
To transfer a call, click the [Transfer] key. The call is forwarded directly (without announcement) to the call number.

How do I sort the speed dial buttons?

You can sort the speed-dial keys alphabetically by using the [Order list by label] key. It is also possible to sort the buttons individually by clicking [Edit speed dials] where you have to hold down the [Move speed dials] key on the speed dial you want to move and drag the speed dial to the point you want.