Use TAPICall with a FRITZ! Box

If you want to use TAPICall together with the FRITZ! Box, here you will find information on how the FRITZ! Box and TAPICall are configured. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us by phone

Please note:

If your cable FRITZ! Box offers only limited user administration, this is usually due to your provider such as UnityMedia. In this case, you can simply use an original FRITZ! Box from the free trade and are thus again compatible with TAPICall 4.3.x.

Incoming calls on IP phones are from the FRITZ! Box not signaled. If you would like to use an IP telephone, we recommend the use of devices the company Snom in conjunction with the Third-party TAPI driver.
If you have any questions, please call us at +49 (6422) 898000.

Configuration of the FRITZ! Box

Open the configuration menu of your FRITZ! Box by pressing (or the IP address) in the address bar of your browser.
Go to the “System“” menu and then to the “FRITZ! Box-User“.

Create new user

There click on the button "Add user“". Assign a name and a password for the new user. Make sure that all permissions are set.

Enable login with users

Registration in the home network

After the user has been added, switch to the tab “Registration in the home network“, check the box for“ Registration with FRITZ! Box- user name and password“ and remove the check mark with "Execute certain settings and functions also confirm “.

A confirmation dialogue appears, follow the instructions there.

Disable additional confirmation at the Fritz box

Activate dialer

Then activate the dialing aid of the FRITZ! Box. To do this, navigate to the tab "Telephony-> Calls-> Wählhilfe“" and check the box next to "Activate dialer“.

Web interface FRITZ

Turn on the Call Monitor

Make sure that the call monitor of the FRITZ! Box is turned on. To do this, select the key combination on a telephone connected to the FRITZ! Box #96*5*.

Configure TAPICall for the FRITZ! Box

FritzBox TAPI alternative

Start TAPICall. Right click on the handset icon in the system tray and click on "Settings“". There in the menu on "Telefonie“. Select “Use TAPICall as a client on a FRITZ! Box (without TAPI)“ and then click the“ Plus“- button.

Now a setup dialog will open:

Enter the IP- address of the FRITZ! Box here; if you have not changed this, the entry "“" can remain. Then click on “Next“.

FritzBox in the network

Enter the user and password that you previously created in the FRITZ! Box and click on “Next“

Sign in to the Fritz Box in TAPICall

The model and software version of the FRITZ! Box are read out in this dialog. If everything is correct, click on “Next“

Model determination of the box

The dialing aid of the FRITZ! Box should already be activated when the status “Inactive“ is reported, click on“ Activate“ and then on “Next“

Wählihilfe in the FritzBox activate

Select the extension that TAPICall should monitor here. If the extension does not appear in the drop-down menu, it can also be entered manually. Simply enter the extension ( without the asterisk ) in the field. Then click on “Next“

Select extension for TAPI at the FRITZ! Box

Outgoing dialing is tested at this point. Enter any external number (z. B. Your mobile number ) in the field and click on Call. Then lift the handset within two seconds - correspondingly, press and hold the green handset on handsets - to initiate the call. If the call was successfully initiated, click on “Next“

At this point the incoming calls are tested. To do this, call ( e.g. from your Handy) to the extension of the FRITZ! Box. When TAPICall recognizes the call, click on “Next“.

Test upcoming calls

Here you can specify whether the call list of the FRITZ! Box should be read out and transferred to the call list of TAPICall. So TAPICall can also keep a call log when the PC is off.

Activate call list download

Click on "Finish“" and close the TAPICall settings menu, the configuration of TAPICall is finished and you can select with F8.

The configuration is complete

More information here for dialing with a DECT Telefon:

If there is any point during setup that you need assistance, just call : +49 (6422) 89800-50, we will then help you.