Internet connection


Here you can check if TAPICall can connect to the internet to check the license status and to search backwards in the online directories. In addition, you can optionally enter the data of your proxy server or read it automatically from Internet Explorer. If the connection test fails, you should check if your firewall allows TAPICall to access the Internet and make sure that the default http port 80 is not blocked.

 Here you can set the test mode. Normally, the default setting is quite sufficient here. If the tests fail, tick & #8220; Print detailed error information & #8221; and repeat the test to get more information about the problem.

 Here are the results of the test listed. For a backward search, it is sufficient if one of the connection types works.

 In order for TAPICall to connect to the Internet, it is essential to specify the data of your proxy server, if you use one. If necessary, you can also have the data read automatically from your Internet Explorer.

 If you only have a very slow internet connection, the maximum waiting times given here may not be sufficient. In this case, try to double the waiting times.