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F8 = call

It is better to ignore the possibilities of Outlook ( It can even be minimized ) and just press [F8] in any situation to call someone, because you have many options in the window that opens via [F8] without having to laboriously in several folders in Outlook to look for the right contact :

a) Enters the name or a fragment of a Before-, After- or company name in any order : “aniel ”leads to Daniel or “verg” to CONVERGIT. The contact that you ( or a colleague ) last edited is automatically at the top if there are multiple hits and is guaranteed to be found across all folders. This is useful, for example, if the name Schulz appears 20 times, the current Schulz will be on top. Then simply double-click on the phone number to start dialing. You can also laboriously search for the right contact in Outlook, press F8 after selecting and the existing phone numbers in the contact will be offered to you ( without marking them beforehand) for selection.

b) Simply type in the [F8]- window what you are looking for or simply mark what you want to search in each application and then press [F8]: TAPICall recognizes : from every Windows- application or website
- A marked phone number
- A name or company name
- An E-Mail- address

c) The following Outlook- elements can also be called by [F8], if an associated contact exists or is linked:
- Memories
- E-Mails
- journal entries
- Dates ( Calendar entries )

d) Dial via links:
- TAPICall recognizes callto-: and tel:-Links. This allows you to set up calls from many CRM- systems or websites even without marking the number.

Ctrl. + 1 = insert comment block

( Click beforehand in the note - area of Outlook-contact).
The date, time, initials and call direction appear automatically. Complete this information with your note and a great call history will be created in your associated Outlook- contact.